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Control your Home from Mobile Device

Your ZEN security connects to our network of Customer Monitoring Centers. Your home is monitored to help protect your home, valuables and loved ones against burglary, robbery, and intruders. Your haven is armed with 24-hour-a-day protection, 365 days a year. ZEN is never more than a phone call away.

Call 1-800-945-1338 to speak with a Secure Your Home representative to learn more.

ZEN Security Features

ZEN Security monitoring centers with world-class back-up capabilities-ensuring 24/7 service through any condition. When an alarm is received, ZEN can notify the police, fire department, or ambulance even if you’re not home. Wireless home security options keep your system connected via a cellular network with CellGuard. Optional two-way voice intercom system lets you instantly talk to ZEN whenever an alarm goes off with SecurityLink.

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